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Raza Auzair Razak

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About ME

My name is Auzair and I’m a writer/filmmaker whose work spans many genres and styles; from larger-than-life comedies to suspenseful psychological dramas. My interests lie primarily in telling gripping stories through unorthodox means - by getting into what makes each genre (and medium) unique.

I like to tell character-driven stories , where the protagonists find themselves in absurd situations, and what that brings out of them

In directing and producing, I adopt a highly collaborative approach, believing that everyone (both cast and crew) produce their best work when they truly feel a part of the process.

While this site is largely focused on my directing and producing, I also have experience as a camera op, sound op, and editor on both factual and dramatic productions - for more information, don't be afraid to hit that contact button up top.



Recent projects


Following a day in the life of alcoholic recent divorcee, Daniel. Atonement is a psychological drama that chronicles his attempts to get his life back on track, and the eventual decline that leads to his "atonement". You can view the film here, or get the press kit here.