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An alcoholic single father tries to get his life back on track, but visions of his daughter keep reminding him of a past he doesn't want. This psychological thriller was my biggest undertaking to date, both as a writer/director, and producer. We utilised visceral handheld cinematography and a vivid soundscape to bring our hero, Daniel’s experience to life. you can download the press kit here and the poster here.


Writer/Director, Producer

The Man who didn't like star wars

Writer/Director, Producer


A chance encounter between two very different men, one who hates Star Wars, and one who likes it a bit too much. I had originally written this comedy as a one-act stageplay, but in the process of adapting it for the screen we found the most interesting way to film it was as a pseudo-theatre piece.

the birthday card


A comedy/drama about a recently outed affair, and the consequences it has on everyone involved. I acted as producer on this project, and it gave me my first real taste of filmmaking, as I lead the production from script revisions, and casting through to the final cut.