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Following a day in the life of alcoholic recent divorcee, Daniel. Atonement is a psychological drama that chronicles his attempts to get his life back on track, and the eventual decline that leads to his "atonement". Our goal with this production was to make everything really vivid (largely through sound design). As the film is currently touring the festival circuit, you can view the trailer below or download the press kit here and the poster here. For any other enquiries, be sure to hit that contact button at the top.


Writer/Director, Producer

The Man who didn't like star wars



A chance encounter between two very different men, one who hates Star Wars, and one who likes it a bit too much. I had originally written this comedy as a one-act stageplay, but in the process of adapting it for the screen we found the most interesting way to film it was as a pseudo-theatre piece.

the birthday card


A comedy/drama about a recently outed affair, and the consequences it has on everyone involved. I acted as producer on this project, and it gave me my first real taste of filmmaking, as I lead the production from script revisions, and casting through to the final cut.